Thinking about investing in a great CRM platform like HubSpot, but not quite sure if HubSpot has the features you need?

Maybe you are already using HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales or Service Hubs and want to learn how to leverage some of HubSpot’s best features and a few other tricks?

Actuado is a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner and we’ve been a partner since 2015. During this time, our team has worked with many HubSpot customers and helped them with many different solutions.

Based on our rich experience, we decided to share useful tips and tricks that have already helped our customers.


Inbound marketing is a methodology by which we turn strangers into customers and customers into promoters. We do this by creating high quality content tailored to the needs of our target audiences and by using tools like HubSpot that help us deliver content to the right people at the right time.

To help you better understand what inbound marketing is, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that covers the most important aspects of inbound marketing. In this downloadable guide you can read more about the following topics:

  • what is inbound marketing
  • 5 pillars of inbound marketing
  • inbound marketing tools
  • inbound methodology
  • how to get started with inbound marketing
  • HubSpot and other tools for faster growth of your B2B business
  • SEO – search engine optimisation
  • segmentation and personalisation 
  • lead generation and lead nurturing
  • inbound marketing and inbound sales go hand in hand

When it comes to marketing metrics that matter to your execs, expect to report on data that deals with the total cost of marketing, salaries, overhead, revenue, and customer acquisitions. This guide will walk you through the six critical marketing metrics your boss actually wants to know.

Learn how to calculate:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Marketing % of Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAC
  • Time to Payback CAC
  • Marketing Originated Customer
  • Marketing Influenced Customer

E-book about content marketing (Only in Slovenian)

Do you know the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing helps companies building trustworthy relationships with their customers on different stages of the buyer’s journeys. Offer valuable content and useful information to help your customers achieve their goals and avoid chasing them with aggressive ads.

Our e-book about content marketing will teach you:

  • how to find and define your goals, buyer personas and content marketing strategy,
  • how to find relevant and valuable content to address your personas’ pain points,
  • how to find the right ways and channels to talk to your personas and
  • how to measure and analyze the success of your content.

Fill in the form and download our free e-book about content marketing.


Perhaps you don’t have one at all. Or you have disconnected solutions that are costing you a lot due to too many point solutions and/or disconnected legacy platforms.
These are the times to optimize: the business processes, the cost, the focus — and to better connect with your customers. How can a CRM help you with that?

Learn more about:

  • What you need for a digital transformation process
  • How to choose the right CRM for you
  • What you need to consider when implementing a CRM
  • Why integrations matter
  • Why HubSpot Sales Hub was named the #1 CRM in G2’s Spring 2022 CRM Grid
  • Why custom onboarding and implementation are crucial for employee adoption and success
  • Clients’ experience with the onboarding
  • Tips and tricks on how to run your business better with CRM & marketing automation

As we look ahead at 2021, it’s hard to imagine selling without video. From Zoom calls for customer meetings to personalized videos for prospecting, proposals, and everything in between! Video has emerged as the next best thing to being there in person in a remote selling world, yet very few businesses have learned how to unlock the real potential of video as a sales tool. Are you ready to stop reacting and start adapting?

Join Tyler Lessard, chief video strategist at Vidyard and co-author of The Visual Sale to learn how the best sales teams are embracing video to transform the way they engage prospects and customers. Learn the latest best practices for prospecting with video, how to use both produced and custom-recorded videos to educate buyers and accelerate sales cycles, and how to empower everyone in your team to create professional, engaging, and hyper personalized videos at scale. Lights, camera, revenue!

In B2B companies, sales cycles are often longer, and there are more decision makers. When it comes to large and complex deals, it makes sense to focus on key companies (i.e. accounts) and consider each as a separate market. Content, events and campaigns are tailored to potential customers from each company.

In this one-hour webinar you will learn: 

  • What is ABM and what are its advantages
  • What role do customers play in larger and more complex sales cycles
  • What tactics we use in ABM
  • How to prepare an ABM strategy
  • How to do ABM in HubSpot

Things have changed. Physical meetings and networking events have moved online. Sales and marketing must be contactless, but they don’t need to be humanless. Customers still, more than ever, want conversational, contextual and human interaction. This is where the importance and value of video come into play.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to easily start embracing video.
  • How to use video in three main areas – sales, marketing and customer service.
  • 6 examples of videos that should be the highest priority for your team to create.
  • How to scale personalised video.

The disconnect between marketing and sales is one of the main causes of stagnating or declining revenues. Digital channels are becoming increasingly important in B2B marketing. By automating the marketing and sales funnel, you can achieve more with fewer resources, while providing a great user experience to potential customers.

In this webinar we will show you various free and paid features of three platforms that can help you improve your sales and marketing performance, HubSpot, Drift and SaleSqueze:

  • Explanation of the marketing and sales funnel.
  • Marketing automation:
    • how to manage contacts in the HubSpot CRM;
    • how to create a good mailing;
    • how to create a calendar with available time slots and connect it with your Outlook or Google Calendar;
    • how to use video in sales and video combined with chat with the Drift tool;
    • how to create a knowledge base to help prospects better understand your products;
    • how to create a pipeline and deals in HubSpot.
  • Sales automation:
    • two types of digital sales channels, online shop and online configurator, and their differences;
    • how to set up an online configurator; 
    • what results can be achieved with the SaleSqueze online configurator.

As marketers, we spend a LOT of time, money and effort getting people’s attention. Furthermore, we optimize our ads, campaigns and content to drive site visitors. Getting the right audience to pay attention and come to your website is a very labor intensive process. What happens next is the toughest pill to swallow. On average, 1% of visitors will convert into sales leads. Enter Conversational Marketing. Conversational Marketing is all about increasing engagement with people that are on your website RIGHT NOW. With the highest intent leads that often go ignored. There’s a better way to fill your funnel. Marketing and sales leaders alike are double and tripling their funnel by encouraging the right conversations with buyers. 

In this webinar, learn how to: 

  • Increase website engagement
  • Greet your target accounts by name
  • Leverage bots to qualify your traffic
  • Automatically book a sales call, 24/7.

In our February webinar we focused on email marketing. Email has been a must-have marketing tool for many years now and despite predictions, it is not dead yet. In the 2020 B2B Marketing Mix Report 84% of respondents said they have implemented email as a marketing tactic, most likely because of high ROI.

In this session you will learn:

  • why the email address is a key currency in inbound marketing
  • what kinds of mailings can we send out
  • what are the trends in email marketing
  • how can sales people use personal email
  • which are the main factors that determine success of email marketing campaigns
  • what are best practices in email marketing
  • how can HubSpot functionalities help us with email marketing.

In the previous webinar we talked about marketing and sales alignment, now let’s move on to explain what marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) are.

In this session you will learn:

  • how to define leads, MQLs and SQLs,
  • how to score leads by their intent to buy,
  • how to nurture leads through various workflows,
  • how HubSpot’s various features can help us with that.

By now you probably know the Flywheel model. It focuses on the customer and emphasizes that the alignment between marketing and sales is crucial for the friction to be as low as possible. The more sales and marketing teams are aligned, the higher the chances you will delight a prospect. In fact, organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experience 36% higher customer retention rates (source: Marketingprofs).

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why sales and marketing should be working together 
  • The main challenges between sales and marketing
  • The key tool to help sales close more business
  • How to help sales before the first meeting
  • How to identify a good-fit lead
  • How to set up an alignment plan
  • Best practice setting up HubSpot portal to report on KPIs for both marketing and sales

In a company, marketing shares the responsibility for achieving growth. Close cooperation between marketing and sales and their alignment on lead definition yield better results, because they enable us to address customers in all stages of the buyer’s journey. It is also crucial to have the proper tools; the so-called marketing stack.

For the past 4 years we are using the HubSpot platform, both for ourselves and for our clients, and we are the only HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner in Slovenia. In this webinar we cover HubSpot’s free functionalities, as well as some of their useful paid features for marketing, sales and services.

In this hour-long webinar you will learn:

  • how to begin a CRM implementation,
  • the basics of HubSpot’s CRM: contacts, companies, deals, tasks, lists, integration with Gmail, Outlook and Office365,
  • how do Hubspot’s marketing automation and workflows tool work,
  • how to sync meetings with Google and Office365 calendar,
  • how do HubSpot’s conversations and chatbot look like,
  • how to personalize and adapt content.

This webinar is for you, if you are

  • considering implementing or switching CRM,
  • already using HubSpot, but feel like you could be using it more effectively,
  • interested about how additional marketing and sales functionalities could help you deliver results
  • interested about how the (digital) marketing and the sales department could cooperate better.

Over recent years there has been a lot of talk about chatbots. Chatbots help us communicate with visitors of our website or one of the messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp. When we are off duty, chatbots can guide our website visitors, help them find information or schedule a meeting. They also help us during working hours; they can carry out initial conversations with visitors and, based on their answers, lead them to the right person.

We will learn about chatbots from Jasna Suhadolc, Founder & Managing Director of Actuado. Jasna has already given talks on chatbots in Denmark, Lithuania and Bahrain, and she has worked on setting up chatbots for several of our clients.

In this 1-hour webinar you will learn:

  • What is conversational marketing and how chatbots can help us optimise marketing?
  • How to personalise our bot’s messages in regard to where our websites visitors came from?
  • How can we use chatbots to generate more qualified leads for our sales team?
  • Are bots going to replace us? 🙂

In recent years, you must have heard about the importance of aligning marketing and sales for improving business results. Nevertheless, in many companies the situation is still not optimal.

Jasna Suhadolc, who has extensive experience in inbound marketing, working with foreign and domestic clients, hosted the first Actuado webinar. She spoke about how we can create qualified leads that are important for both marketing and sales.

In this one hour-long webinar you will learn:

  • What exactly are inbound marketing and inbound sales?
  • How to connect them and what kind of results to expect?
  • How to improve results with coordinated content that addresses buyer’s needs and pain points throughout the entire buying process?


Sberbank Slovenia Gets Strategic with HubSpot

Sberbank Slovenia was getting plenty of visitors to its website, but it was struggling to convert them into qualified leads. It needed a way to nurture prospects through the entire funnel and decided that inbound marketing was the way forward. It teamed up with marketing agency Virtua PR and started using the HubSpot software. With its first campaign, Sberbank Slovenia generated 941 leads and 53 new sales qualified leads.


Jasna Suhadolc, the founder and managing director of Actuado, wrote the book New opportunities of e-communication in 2007 that was published by the Public Relations Society in Slovenia, in cooperation with the major business-publishing house GV Zalozba in the series of books for PR professionals. Jasna keeps getting asked to write a new one, because the book is a) in Slovenian (a language spoken by only 2 million people) and b) a little bit outdated, but until that happens you can find her speaking, download one of the e-books she produced with her team or read one of her blog posts.