Do you know the benefits of content marketing?
Content marketing helps companies building trustworthy relationships with their customers on different stages of the buyer’s journeys. Offer valuable content and useful information to help your customers achieve their goals and avoid chasing them with aggressive ads.
Our e-book about content marketing (currently only in Slovenian) will teach you:

  • how to find and define your goals, buyer personas and content marketing strategy,
  • how to find relevant and valuable content to address your personas’ pain points,
  • how to find the right ways and channels to talk to your personas and
  • how to measure and analyze the success of your content.

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How chatbots can help us get leads and shorten sales cycles (Only in Slovene)

Over recent years there has been a lot of talk about chatbots. Chatbots help us communicate with visitors of our website or one of the messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp. When we are off duty, chatbots can guide our website visitors, help them find information or schedule a meeting. They also help us during working hours; they can carry out initial conversations with visitors and, based on their answers, lead them to the right person.

We will learn about chatbots from Jasna Suhadolc, Founder & Managing Director of Actuado. Jasna has already given talks on chatbots in Denmark, Lithuania and Bahrain, and she has worked on setting up chatbots for several of our clients.

In this 1-hour webinar you will learn:

  • What is conversational marketing and how chatbots can help us optimise marketing?
  • How to personalise our bot’s messages in regard to where our websites visitors came from?
  • How can we use chatbots to generate more qualified leads for our sales team?
  • Are bots going to replace us? 🙂

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Inbound Marketing Doesn't Work in Isolation: It Needs to be Connected with Inbound Sales (Only in Slovene)​

Zagotovo ste v zadnjih letih že slišali o pomembnosti povezovanja marketinga in prodaje za izboljšanje poslovnih rezultatov. Kljub temu pa v marsikaterem podjetju situacija še vedno ni optimalna.

O tem, kako lahko ustvarjamo leade (prodajne kontakte), ki so pomembni tako za marketing in prodajo, je na prvem Actuado webinarju govorila Jasna Suhadolc, ki ima bogate izkušnje v inbound marketingu z domačimi in tujimi naročniki.

Na enournem brezplačnem webinarju boste med drugim izvedeli:

  • Kaj pravzaprav pomeni inbound marketing in kaj inbound prodaja?
  • Kako ju lahko povežemo in kakšne rezultate nam to prinaša?
  • Kako lahko z usklajeno vsebino, ki kupca nagovarja v celotnem nakupnem procesu in se osredotoča na potrebe in boleče točke kupca, izboljšamo rezultate?


Sberbank Slovenia Gets Strategic with HubSpot

Sberbank Slovenia was getting plenty of visitors to its website, but it was struggling to convert them into qualified leads. It needed a way to nurture prospects through the entire funnel and decided that inbound marketing was the way forward. It teamed up with marketing agency Virtua PR and started using the HubSpot software. With its first campaign, Sberbank Slovenia generated 941 leads and 53 new sales qualified leads.


Jasna Suhadolc, the founder and managing director of Actuado, wrote the book New opportunities of e-communication in 2007 that was published by the Public Relations Society in Slovenia, in cooperation with the major business-publishing house GV Zalozba in the series of books for PR professionals. Jasna keeps getting asked to write a new one, because the book is a) in Slovenian (a language spoken by only 2 million people) and b) a little bit outdated, but until that happens you can find her speaking, download one of the e-books she produced with her team or read one of her blog posts.